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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 23, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> on the morning news at 6:00, days after investigators closed their probe into the death of a worker at the 49 efforts stadium, they are changing course and opening it up. >> the bart strike is over but some riders have to make new arrangements to get around as the investigation ramps up into a deadly train accident. >> good wednesday morning at 6:00. >> the story out this is fog. mike? >> it is thick in the north bay. we have live doppler 7 hd and you can see quarter-mile visibility at napa, and oakland is half mile and 1.25 mile in
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san jose. the dense fog advisory is issued for the north by until 11:00. >> with the fog you want to be careful on the road with lower visibility. you want to use low beams and not the high beams as we take you over to the waldo tunnel. we have an accident, a solo vehicle spunout southbound 101 and the area shaded in orange is an indication of where the fog could affect your commute. to the south, we have another accident in hayward southbound 8 80 blocking one lane. in is a possible fuel spill. kristen and eric? >> safety regulators are re-opening the investigation into a fatal accident of a worker at the 49ers stadium unconstruction. there was another fatal accident last week. matt keller is at the site in santa clara.
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>> osha decided no violation took place when a worker was killed in june. now investigators are rescinding that decision. don white was killed by the couple december weight of an elevator. he was an experienced mechanic for a subcontractor. so russia has revealed why they were communicating and knew the elevator was working but did not move. it is a mystery he did not move knowing the elevator was coming. osha gave the contractor a notice that no violation occurred but said some questions were raised and are looking at the evidence. osha can fine from $5,000 to $70,000. the investigation of fed war lake is ongoing when he was killed when rebar fell off the side of the truck and on top of
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him. a spokesman said that no citations have been issued so far. >> developing news on the deadly shooting involving the sheriff deputies. the person they killed was 13-year-old boy. the resolution democrat reports that the victim is 13-year-old andy lopez. the deputies yesterday afternoon say they saw lopez carrying a rifle on the avenue. they fired when he refused to drop. it was a plastic assault rifle. katie marzullo has more details and a look at toy gun in 30 minutes. >> today, investigators man to reenact the deadly train accident that killed two bart workers over the weekend. the ntsb will shut down the tracks between pleasanton hill and laugh yet bart -- and
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lafayette bart from walnut creek from noon to 3:30 with a bus bridge to get around. there are new details about the accident that claimed the lives of chris shepard and larry daniels. they were given approval to be on the tracks. the ntsb says bart was training workers to pick up passengers during a strike. abc7 news, amy hollyfield, has more at 5:30. authorities are revealing surveillance video to see who is behind damage at bart stations hit by graffiti taggers on the platform and the tracks. the police chief of bart says his officers and staff patroled the property during the strike but this is one of nine incidents on both sides of the bay. >> police in marin county are investigating how a man with gun
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wounded ended up at a fire station asking for help. the shooting victim is treated at the hospital. he was shot last night but police do not know how he made it to the fire station, a mile away. police have no suspects or motive. >> investigators will be back at the scene of a traffic accident in lodi that killed five involving five vehicles. witnesses say it was caused by a man speeding through the intersection in an s.u.v. investigators are also looking into reports he was talking on the cell phone. the dead include a mother and her unborn child. the miss say a very young child was killed. the wreck sent nine people to the hospitals as far away as 35 miles from scene. >> facebook is doing an about face over beheadings and reverting their reversal on blocking videos showing people
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being beheaded. they were taken down but they decided to allow them saying people had the right to see them. they condemned the actions. now, facing outrage, facebook removed the repostings saying the content glorified the violence. >> planned burn is scheduled at the seashore conducted on 141 acres at 11:00 this morning until about 4:00 in afternoon in an effort to reduce the number of dead plants that fire fuel and spread non-native plant that is threatening the area. if you see smoke this morning it is a prescribed bun -- burn. >> we do have the fog so you may not see much this morning. >> fog in the day planner for the next 12 hours from 51 to
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hazy sunshine at noon with a 60 and rapid warming until 2:00 and holding on at 4:00 with 70. cooler in the evening back in the upper 50's. most our fog is to the north where temperatures in the mid-40's. hazy up north, again, temperatures near 70 and above average with the warmest weather inland toughing near 80 at 4:00 but back to quiet 67 by 7:00. at the coast, the clouds are sticky from fog this morning at 49 to cloudy conditions and mid-to-upper 50's for the better party of the afternoon and back into the upper 40's by 7:00. next three days temperatures fluctuated very little and low clouds give way to higher clouds friday and saturday. >> southbound 101 crash outside the tunnel, this has cleared and we have a little bit of backup and another crash, though, taking you back over to the nimitz and we are seeing slowing right up to 92. if you are traveling along
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southbound 880, that is where we will see this accident. as we take it further to the south through san jose, we have this backup starting to build, 101, away from the 280 and 680 split to san jose airport you are looking at a great drive and just flying as you make the commute to the south bay freeway. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights are on and the backup is building. the fast track lanes are moving along fine. speaking of fog you can hardly see the traffic and the headlights are coming toward you westbound up to the maze. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> next, it is nexting day for the ohio man who confessed on youtube vibe video that he killed a man while driving under the influence. >> new details of one of the boston bombing suspects, the grizzly murder that the prosecution says he was involved
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covering campbell, and burlingame and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a look at the san mateo bridge and traffic is moving well with no jams on the bridges because bart trains are running this morning. you do see fog and that is the big story. >> the man who confessed to drunk driving on an internet video is scheduled to be sentenced today. the 22-year-old matthew cordle made national headlines when he post add video admitting to killing a 61-year-old ohio man in a wrong way crash in june. he said he would take full responsibility for his actions. cordle pleaded guilty to aggravated homicide and driving under the influence. he could be sentenced to up to 8 1/2 years in prison and get the driver's license revoked for
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life. >> more questions raised of safety at san francisco general hospital. a woman got stuck in a stairwell while visiting her son in june and told the "san francisco examiner" she went out a wrong door that locked behind her and an alarm sounded but no one helped. a nurse opened the door after hearing her pounding on the windows and e-mailed the hospital after hearing of the death of the patient spalding who was found dead in the stairwell, 17 days after vanishing. >> slain boston marathon bombing system was sopped in a triple murder. the information was given to another man who was shot did negligent in florida while being questioned by authorities. he died in a shootout after attacks in april. the bombings injured 260 and
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left three dead. his younger brother was captured after a manhunt. >> with the boston marathon bombing still on the minds of many heightened security will be expected at the opening game of the world series between the red sox and the st. louis cardinals. they will host the first two games. >> scientists believe the two rare oarfish that washed up on the beach could be linked, one is 14' and the other is 18' and it is believed they came from the same deep part of the we ocean and they were swept near the shore. scientists found a surprise because one of them was pregnant. inside her 6' long ovaries were hundreds of thousands of eggs. the scientists say they can learn a lot. >> this is a pretty cool animal. a once in a life time opportunity to see a fish like
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this. >> it is so cool. i am privileged to observe a fish like this. >> parts of the fish will be sent to laboratories around the world to analysis. >> good news for an endangered species in marin county. the juvenile coho salmon have appeared for the tires time in a local creek in five years possibly eggs laid in the winter the program was begun nine years ago to release adult coho in the creek so they are seeing the results. >> that is good news, an indication of what is going open. >> an indication of what you have ahead as you drive in? >> fog. >> we should wear gray because that is what you will see outside. we have flight arrivals in sfo because of low visibility at an hour and 15 minutes. san jose is on time.
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half mile visibility at oakland. quarter-mile visibility in napa and 2.5 at half moon bay. the winds are blowing toward the south bay. that fog is going to continue to stay stubborn and throughout the north bay until 11:00 and we will see a transition to sunshine. the cool spot is alum rock and 46 in los altos and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 50's and santa clara and saratoga at 51 and san jose at 53 and sunnyvale is 55 and los gatos is 65 so like yesterday the warm air is lurking above the marine layer. toward danville, 45 and lafayette and san francisco at 49. we have redwood city at 52. san carlos is at 50. in san mateo, you can see thing for approaching sfo this morning. that is why we will have the issues for the day trying to get in there on time.
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hazy sunshine. the coast has clouds. normal temperatures the next couple of days and it is dry. you can sigh the clouds at the coast mid-to-upper 50's so cool there. mid-to-upper 60's in san francisco and richmond and oakland and temperatures below average. low-to-mid 70's for most of the bay shore to the south bay. that is close to normal and up to 80 in the north bay which is above average in santa rosa and low-to-mid 80's in the east bay valley, that is warmer-than-average. the east bay valley is seeing the most sunshine today so you are the warmest. the thickest fog is along the coast and the north bay and low-to-mid 40's inland valleys and upper 40's to low 50's for the rest of us. we have a huge area of high pressure blocking any storms from coming our wear and the pattern will be around for the better part of the extended and possibly the entire month look like we could go the entire month without measurable rain. here is a look at your seven-day
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forecast, we are going to hang around 80 inland through sunday and low-to-mid 70's with 60's and warmer weather coming to the coast for the weekend and all of us will see a cooling trend next week. have a great day. >> the bart trains are running on time and muni has a recovery from a delay at san jose and randall because of a stalled street car. it has been a rough drive because of the fog. at eastbound highway 4, we do have a report of an overturned vehicle which is on the shoulder. we also have possible fog in the area and that could have created the problem. as we look at the drive along i-80 through hercules to richmond you can see all the fog extended down the side of the east bay and that is where we
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have possible fog so watch out for that. to the south the crash is causing backups southbound 880 and we have heavy delays coming great that area. >> next, autumn is in the years and leaves are falling to the ground. we team up with "consumer reports" to learn which leave blowers are the best on the market. >> at st. james in london, there the be a christening for prince george, the baby of will and kate. we will hi. i'm henry winkler. and i know there are many myths out there about a reverse mortgage, so i want you to know the facts. there are currently no credit score or income requirements to qualify. you can get tax-free money from the equity in your home.
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we will check with josh on what is coming on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good wednesday to you both and all of you in the bay area. lots to get to this morning including more now on the news breaking from the capitol. a twitter feed known for going against the obama administration, the man behind it now has been revealed as a white house official. we will have the latest from washington on that coming up next right here on "good morning america" ahead. >> that is in 38 minutes. >> right now "consumer reports" has partnered with "7 on your
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side" for a report on the best buys for leaf blowers. >> leaves are beautiful in the autumn but when they hit the ground they are a nuisance. we tested 57 blowers. >> scott, can sweep them into a pile and consumer reports tested dozens of them. debters -- testers used this to see how long it took to clear. they embedded leaves in the lawn and covered them with dust to check how well the blowers loosened the debris. hand held blowers are easy to use if you can reach an outlet. some of the electric power blowers blowed them as fast as the best gasoline blowers but at half the price. >> the top pick is toro a "best
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buy" at $75. a bonus is it can vacuum the leaves, too. if you need on go a distance, gas powered blowers left you move without a cord. >> in our test the top blowers got it done fast but they need fuel and require maintenance. >> for $150, this is the best buy and it is not as noisy as many of the other gas blowers. another option is a backpack that shifts the weight from your arms to the shoulders. >> backpack cost more but if you have a large area to clear, having the weight on your back makes it easier. >> "consumer reports" recommends this as a "best buy," at 200 there is a small fan that is mounted side s ways so it funds like a bigger blower.
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a caution, though, it is among the loudest tested but "consumer reports" said all can damage your ears so wear hearing protection when you use them. >> the royal baptism for prince george in britain will be underway in london. here is a picture of the crowds gathered outside st. james chapel. prince william and kate picked this location for the christening because of the sentiment am value. this is where william's mother lay in state before her funeral. it is where kate was confirmed by the church after her engagement. the prince will have seven godparents including family and college friends, a cousin, and loyal staff so a real break with royal tradition where usually
6:26 am
they have a lot of royal godparents. >> still ahead, weeks after a salmonella outbreak, chicken is still in bay area stores that is contaminated and consumers wonder, why? >> a 13-year-old boy is slot and killed by sonoma county deputies . >> a section of bart service will be shut down today. i will tell you what you need to know. that is next. >> check out the bay bridge, disappearing into thing for this morning. we we will talk about that and the cooler temperatures in the seven-day forecast. >> in the traffic center, the bay bridge toll plaza shows we still have not too bad a drive coming in from emeryville into san francisco but because of the fog we do have a report of an accident along highway 4. is it because of the fog? that is ahead when we
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> on this wednesday morning, thank you for being with us.
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no thanks if you are looking at this traffic on interstate 680 in the east bay. the tail lights headed southbound and things are bunching up. thanks for joining us. >> no thanks to the fog that could impede the traffic. we will check with mike. >> you did not see that in walnut creek. the east bay valleys do not have fog this morning. oakland has the lowest visibility at half a mile. santa rosa is worse and napa is quarter-mile visibility and novato is one mile. the only airport delays are at sfo. the next 12 hours, it will be foggy through the noon hour and a quick transition to sun and a warming at 60 at noon and 70 at 4:00. the fog is in the in fact bay and mid-40's and our day planner shows 70 at noon and 80 at 4:00
6:31 am
and upper 60's at 7:00. at the coast, we will have clouds for most of the day at 49 this morning and mid-to-upper 50's throughout the afternoon and falling into the 40's and chilly at the coast at 7:00. leyla gulen? >> the fog has a potential for driving. at highway 4, it sounds like c.h.p. has confirmed that could be cause of this overturned vehicle crash. eastbound along highway 4 coming up to 680 we do have one lane blocked with minor injuries involved. as i move over to i-80 you can see the area of orange which is an indication of where the fog could affect the commute. we are at top speed from hercules. you slow down toward richmond. walnut creek is looking slow but
6:32 am
no crashes. it is just congestion over to the 24 junction. >> developing news, we are learning that the person with a toy gun who was shot and killed by sonoma county sheriff deputies was a boy. katie marzullo has details. >> it is a 13-year-old son of this man, andy lopez. he was carrying a friend's toy gun. the family lives near the shooting scene. it happened at 3:00 in the afternoon. two deputyies were patrolling and they saw a male with an assault weapon and called for backup and ordered the man do drop the weapon. he did not. they fired several time. he fell on the gun. the deputies first secured the gun and handcuffed the boy before starting emergency aid. the boy died at the seen. we now have a look at the toy
6:33 am
gun. investigators call it a copy an assault weapon. it is not sure if it is was a working b.b. gun and they found a plastic handgun in the boy's waistband. police and the district attorney are investigating the shooting. >> katie, thank you. the bart strike is over. >> the trains will not run in one area for a while. service the be temporarily shut down in one city so investigators can re-create the accident that killed two bart workers. amy hollyfield has more from walnut creek. amy? >> a train just passed by here but you will not be seeing this here later today. this area is sparked with a memorial where people have left candles and flowers for the two men who were killed. this is where the investigation will focus.
6:34 am
they do not want the trains coming through here while they do the investigation. they will shut down the train service between lafayette and the pleasanton hill station with no service between noon and 3:30 today. bart will provide a bus bridge every 15 minutes. the ntsb needs to spend the afternoon to reenact what happened on saturday afternoon. they determined the people on board were being trained to work during the strike. >> this were two victims being trained to be operators on the day of the accident and each spent time in the operator seat for the training under the direct supervision of an experienced trainer. >>the crash killed chris shepard and larry daniels. they were working on the tracks. they had approval to be there. the horn sounded, they say, before the crash. the ntsb has made progress on the investigation but they need to reenact the accident to get a full picture of what happened.
6:35 am
>> thanks. we are learning of the numbers involved in a contract that resulted between bart and the biggest unions. workers will receive a raise of 15 percent over the next four years. our media partner reports that workers will pay $129 a month for health care for their families, up from $92. they will contribute 4 percent toward their pension for the first time. >> the governor will be in alameda superior court to request a 60-day cooling-off period in the a.c. transit labor dispute. last week, workers threatened to strike after rejecting two contract proposals and the board concluded the strike would endanger the public's health and safety. >> a.c. transit board of directors will consider a new policy to provide discounts and
6:36 am
stream line fare including eliminating paper transfers and discounts on clipper card payments. cash fares remain the same. though hope to speed up boardings and reduce commute times. >> we know the cause of death of an oakland woman whose bound was found early this year. sandra coke was strangled. she was seen august 4 and her bound was found in a court five days later. her fore boyfriend, convicted felon, has been charged in her death. in an interview, he said he is innocent but doesn't deny he was at the motel where authorities believe she was killed. >> in the south bay, san jose police have issued a silver alert for a missing 82-year-old man who was last seen at 5:00 yesterday in san jose. he was wearing white pants and black shoes and could be driving a gray, four door hyundai, 2008.
6:37 am
>> viewers have contacted us wondering why they are seeing chicken connected to the salmonella outbreak that is still being sold in the bay area stores. officials issued a health alert but never issued a recall. the foster farms chicken sickened 300 people and traced to three plants in california. we followed up on concerns and found it being sold at a safeway if san jose. it could still be on the shelves because it was never officially recalled. some stores offer refund to consumers would return the chicken. for more information or to see the numbers again go to >> the f.d.a. needs your help in getting to the bottom of an illness that has killed 500 dogs and cats. the animals dies after eating treating mostly made in china. some of the treats were
6:38 am
voluntarily recalled after a woman launched a petition drive last year. the f.d.a. is asking pet owners and vet toss contact them if their pets get sick. >> there is now a hurdle cleared in an effort to get a new jail. >> a motivation am speaker need as new wheelchair after it was crushed in an accident. >> and this is a look at the western span of the bay bridge and you can see a little bit of mist were traffic is both, together, next as the morning news
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just...incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast. >> welcome back, a man who inspired kids across the state with motivational speeches can not make it to any of the speeches because his wheelchair was destroyed. arthur was paralyzed by a gun during a robbery attempt in 2007. while he was recovering he began rapping of overcoming adversity. he is known as "ar" and he teaches kids of the dangers of gun violence. in southern california his wheelchair was crushed by a chart other bus being unloaded from a car.
6:42 am
>> those are my legs and it hit me that, you know, what am i going to do. i cannot do the speeches at juvenile hall and the community events. >> he cannot get a new wheelchair because the driver gave a fake name and bad insurance in. there is a movement to help him get a new one. >> the city of san francisco is taking a step on the road to build a new jail. a vote yesterday cleared the way for the city to apply for $80 million in state grants to help pay for construction. officials want to build a new $290 million jail in a couple of months to replace the cells on the top two floors of the hall of justice located not far away from the hole. 600 inmates are housed there but the sheriff says the building is unsafe and doesn't have the space if rehabilitation programs. >>the folk was sounding the alert. >> i thought you were talking
6:43 am
about theuhzifhxv horns which yu can probably hear. we have the flight arrival delays. the rest of the state is not so clear with clouds to the south, 71 in los angeles and 92 in palm springs. above average at 68 in tahoe. and the hurricane in mexico is weakening and pulling away from the coast and will continue to do that over the next 24 to 48 howevers. there is a lot of devastation but the weather will be better if you are headed that way. >> in hayward we have an accident blocking a lane and causing the backup at six miles. if you are traveling away from 238, southbound along the film it it is 31 miles per hour for the top speed and 29 miles per hour southbound. i can show you that there is a
6:44 am
report of heavy fog on sunol grade and 880 where the accident occurred. there is no worry whether it is the reason for the accident or not, the fog, but you need to use the low beams and drive safe with all the fog. >> thank you. trading is underway on wall street. this is the big board: the dow jones industrial average is down 47 points right now. we will go to the new york stock exchange and jane king next. >> the investigation into the death of a stadium worker take as new turn and the probe is being
6:45 am
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6:47 am
covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> state investigators are re-opening the case into the death of a worker at the new 49ers' stadium in june. the decision is being reversed that no violation occurred. what does to mean, matt, from osha? >> some changes are taking place after the most recent deaths last week. you can see workers have arrived this morning. a worker say they pushed back the start time to 7:00 so there can be more light at the construction site. osha is re-opening the regulation into the death of 63-year-old don white, an experienced mechanic worked for a subcontractor when he was killed by the counterweight of
6:48 am
an elevator. osha said he was aware the develop variety -- the old variety -- saying the elevator was working. the investigation into the 14 the debt of edward lake is continuing after a bundle of rebar being unloaded fell off the side 69 truck and on to him. a spokesman says in citations have been issued. as for this new 49ers stadium construction, it is more than two-thirds completed and still on schedule to open next summer. >> matt, thanks. how much is your favorite baseball team worth? >> that is the giants. maybe $800 million? >> that is a big guess. free shipping is getting less free. >> jane king is at the new york
6:49 am
stock exchange. >> good morning, amazon is raising free shipping minimum to $35 from $35. they have had $25 for 10 years. amazon is encouraging people to become prime members and pay $79 a year to get the free two day shipping. lower start today partly on concern that we could be about to see a new wave of defaults in china. the markets are on the defensive. the silicon valley index is trading lower. the giants and the a's, how much they work? major league baseball is worth $1 billion, 35 percent higher than previous estimates. the giants are the sixth most valuable at $1.2 billion. a's are at the bottom worth half of that. with halloween approaching, more
6:50 am
home buyers are. >> nature afraid of things that go bump in the night. 62 percent would consider buying a haunted house. werely if the price -- especially in a price were right. that is the news from the new york stock exchange for bloomberg business report. >> $1.2 billion? i am reeling from that figure. >> mike has a look at the forecast. >> a town of winter -- a touch of winter in the midwest, day ton and cincinnati and columbus, ohio. the war air above us is trapping the moisture below and we have so much fog. oakland is quarter-mile visibility, and napa is laugh mile. -- is half a mile. and san carlos is 2.5 mile, and
6:51 am
1.25 mile in san jose. sfo is the only airport with arrival delays at over an hour. dense fog advisory in the north bay valley until 11:00 and at lunch we will see the transition to sun and a quick warming between noon and 2:00. in the east bay we are in the 50's from pittsburg and antioch and livermore and pleasanton. otherwise, mid-to-upper 40's through san ramon valley and 43 in danville and walnut creek and pleasanton hill at 45. 50 in san carlos and hayward and mountain view is 54 and san jose is 53 of the -- is s' festival, getting ready for the war sore season at 10:00, it will be 54 degrees with fog in lake merritt. hazy sunshine this afternoon.
6:52 am
nearly seasonal temperatures over the extended period. that continues to be dry. the cloud cover is thick as we head through 9:00. by noon you can see most of the land mass is clear and most of the fog is over the water and as we medicine into the afternoon hours, all the fog is going to be at the coast. here are the temperatures, in the upper 70's to mid-80's from the north bay to the east bay veals and the low 70's around around the bay. it is much cooler next week. leyla gulen? >> we have a report a nasty crash in oakland on the nimitz southbound. it is involving a big rig. the backup is causing other problems. we have all but one lane o it is back up for this who will area and this is also where fog could
6:53 am
be affecting the commute. we do not know if that is a factor. southbound 680, another multi-vehicle crash and we see slow-and-go traffic in the southbound direction. at the altamont pass, it is a slow drive if you are headed westbound along 580 along highway 84, in the single digits. there is heavy fog because of our wazers who have been giving us that afternoon. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go. we return in 60 seconds.
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6:55 am
say salt rifle that he would not drop. >> no bart strike but some tracks will be closed so investigators can re-create a deadly accident that claims the lives of two. the ntsb will close the tracks sweep the bart stations today and investigators say a trainee was at the controls when it hit the men. governor brown will ask a judge for a 60-day extension of a ban on strikes by a.c. transit workers who threatened to strike after rejecting two contract agreements. a temporary seven day strike ban ends today. >> four, investigators are headed back to the scene of a horrible crash that killed five and injured nine others in lodi. among the victims was a pregnant woman and a young child. a driver who caused it was seen seeding through the intersection. >> these are live pictures of the royal batch dix for
6:56 am
three-month-old prince george taking place at this hour at st. james chapel in london. there is the little guy. the chapel where the royal watchers are gathered, st. james, the queen has arrived with her husband and a small private event will follow with just 21 gifts. >> i remember wearing something like that at my baptism. >> fog is the big story hanging around through 11:00. look for a transition during lunch. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza it is under fog with backups coming away from the maze and an accident that cleared on the anyone its in oakland. >> abc7 news continues online and twitter and face
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good morning, america. happening now, here comes the the man overnight fired after mocking the president and key officials in his off hours. >> also breaking, alarming breeches of security at nuclear launch sites. doors left open, officers asleep on the job. >> and a warning about a mysterious illness affecting many pets, the warning over jerky from china that's already sickening becauses right now. what you need to know right now. and it's a very royal morning. the heir to the throne, set to be christened right now.


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